Exciting 180 Club innovations explained

19 June 2019

The annual subscription for an individual number is £18 and you may apply for as many available numbers as you wish.  The 180 membership application form can be found in the Documents section of this website. 

Joining The 180 Club – St Margaret’s means that you are a candidate for the numerous draws which take place throughout the year. Details of the draws are as follows:

  • Prizes of £50.00, £25.00 and £10.00 in respect of each of the monthly draws
  • Prizes of £200.00, £100.00 and £50.00 in respect of each of the two Jackpot draws made in the months of May and November.
  • In addition, there are £50.00 Prizes in respect of each of the draws which take place at the Summer Fete, the Autumn Quiz Night, the St Margaret's Supper and the Christmas/Epiphany or Shrove Tuesday Bazaar.