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- A ministry of the Word of God based on Sunday readings.

Written by: Paul Ford. Music and narration by: Lisa Nwankwo

Written by: Paul Ford. Music and narration by: Lisa Nwankwo

Written by: Paul Ford. Music and narration by: Lisa Nwankwo

 By Fr Anthony Uche 
*Music by John Michael Talbot 
St Margaret Of Scotland-RC-Carshalton Beeches

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: A message of courage to help us seek the peace and the glory of the Lord. For some it is difficult to hear this message.

 The glory of our Lord is not distant. God intended they would seek out and reach him.

Reject the sinking fear, stop being afraid and obey the command of God to come. We must be willing to do extraordinary things. Let us have faith, our gaze must be on the Lord. When the Lord comes we must be ready to answer, speak Lord, we are listening to you.

We must learn to wait. We must seek and listen to him. Let us us worship and not worry anymore.

Theme: Make Real His Consolation  
By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: Gift Of Finest Wheat By OCP Session Choir

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Jesus went to a lonely place to mourn the death of John the Baptist. As we mourn our own physical and emotional losses in the face of Covid 19, we remember the suffering of Christ.

All who are thirsty and hungry listen to the Lord. It we listen we will be heard. We most never forget the promises made by God, who will give us our food in due time. 

Nothing can prevent our reception of our fathers blessings. Nothing can come between us and the love of God. We must allow him to enter our homes, we must look up to him, we must seek him and ask him to shine on us. 

Our Lord emphasises with us, Christ will let us out of our sin, we simply need to believe in him. We are called to share this offering of consolation with others. 

Let us end the restlessness of others as modern living saviours. Turn now to those around us who need us. Our hearts are restless until they rest in God.

Theme: My Stance In The Kingdom Of God  
By Fr Anthony Uche  *Music: Be Thou My Vision by King's College Choir Cambridge

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Have you resolved to be his word? “The law from your mouth means more than silver and gold.” Do we reflect on the good and bad and do we strive to always uphold the good? Do we have a clear understanding of the Kingdom of God and how we can promulgate it here on earth?   

Let us always be open to the infusion of his grace. Are we committed to Gods will on earth?

We must review our sacramental agreement to follow Christ and to be him in this world. 

Let us not be selfish, greedy and corrupt. It is clear that God has the final say he is the judge. What have we done with Gods  invitation to join him in heaven. Jesus is asking us to act today. 

We must develop wisdom to become an instrument of him, wisdom to keep us safe and wisdom to keep us faithful. Let us ask God to give us the grace to know and understand his will. 

Let us renew and set our stance in the Kingdom of Gods today.

Theme: Though Just, His Mercy Reigns  
By Fr Anthony Uche  *Music: Mercy by Flavour × Semah

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Our God, God of justice, power and might. Lenient  and understanding always. Merciful, passionate and slow to anger always. Why do we fail to be like him?

We fail because of the tensions and inability to comprehend the balance of sin by excess and sin by defect. We fail when we seek vengeance and when our relationship with God has no bearing on our own heart. 

We must learn to live with those that hurt us. Mercy calls for peace. Forgiveness may seem nonsensical, but it shows our appreciation of God’s judgement and our capability to meander the tensions between sin and grace.

It is sometimes difficult to be patient and kind. We are constantly tested, but how do we respond?

The Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness. Saints are sinners that overcome sin. We seek victory over sin and death.

Let us stay focused on being compassionate and forgiving. His mercy reigns over us, we are called to do the same. 

Establish his love and mercy wherever you are and wherever you go to. Mercy must be established in Jesus name.

Theme: The Glory Of The Word Of God  
By Fr Anthony Uche  *Music: Glory Hallelujah by Sound Of Praise & Every Praise by Hezekiah Walker

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Freedom from slavery to decadence requires willingness to examine, apply and obey the word of God daily. This will lead us to the Glory not yet revealed. 

As children of God we believe that our world view is filtered through the word of God. Let us become examplars of Gods words. The word of God is as sweet as honey in the mouth, but leave a bitter feeling in the stomach. It offers the opportunity to live through its virtues.

The word of God prepares us for unobtainable glory. Lord Jesus our heavenly King, has taught us how to live righteously. It is difficult to be a bearer of Gods word, however if we do we shall surely see Gods work in the land of the living.

Let us remain focused on the glory, obtaining the final end , embracing on God himself and knowing we can do all things in God who strengthens us.

Theme: Cast Those Burdens Onto Him  
By Fr Anthony Uche  *Music: Father I Place Into Your Hands by Ingrid DuMosch & Eric Quiram

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Blessing Gods name surely, must be our task today and forever. The favours of the kingdom of God have been revealed by Jesus. Those that don’t listen miss out on the favours of out Lord. 

Our perceptions are conditioned by the world around us, we see life as we are, unwilling to change. Let us acknowledge who we are, let us act in humility and ponder on Christ’s message.  Through contentment we will find salvation. 

Let us rejoice through Christ’s offer of humanity. Jesus invites us to place our burdens before him.  If the future tasks ahead bothers you, then ask him, if you are sick or need consoling then the Lord will answer. Do not perish through lack of knowledge. 

Jesus told us to seek first the Kingdom if God. Cast your burdens before him and the King will answer you now and always.

Theme: Two Great Witnesses Of Our Faith  
By Fr Anthony Uche  *Music: My Hope Is Built by Norton Hall Band

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: The solmenity of St Peter and St Paul, two great apostles of Christ. A fisherman and teacher chosen to fulfil a common mission to make the world know, understand and believe. 

Both were martyred for their faith. St Peter was identified as the Head of the Apostles and the founder of the church. St Paul was the first to practice faith seeking across different cultures. The letters and writings of St Paul are the basis of theology as we understand today.

To interact with Paul is to interact with the requirement to proclaim the good news. Once committed a whole stream of events occur, which know man could ever dream of. 

Let us ask for fearlessness, courage and power of our faith as we step out to proclaim the news. 

Let us evangelise together and emulate St Peter and St Paul as two great witnesses of our faiths.

Theme: The Fear Of Breathless Trials  
By Fr Anthony Uche  *Music: Great Is Thy Faithfulness By The Majesty And Glory Performers.

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: The worries and problems of todays world have left us breathless and speechless. 
In the same way that COVID-19 attacks and causes breathless in a physical manifestation, Christ said “it is finished” as his time of death and the spiritual manifestation of breathlessness through the constant squeeze and pressures on our faith. 
God will avenge those that seek to suffocate then poor. The Lord will act, he is not slow to do so. Do not be afraid whilst you wait, you will be vindicated and God will not forget you and come to you aid. 
Uphold Justice, equality for all, let us wait for the lord for he will revive our spirit.

Theme: The Communion Of The Trinity  
By Fr Anthony Uche 
*Music: Introit. Blessed Be The Trinity by CCWatershed & Glorify Thy Name by Israel by Maranatha

Theme: The Recreative Fire And Wind Of The Holy Spirit  
By Fr Anthony Uche 
*Music: Holy Spirit, We welcome You by Chris Bowater & Alpha And Omega Israel by Israel & New Bread

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Pentecost commemorates Jesus’s recreation of the world and the entry of the Holy Spirit. Jesus revived his disciples and paved the way for the Holy Spirit, making all persons new and reunited the people of God. 

Pentecost day celebrates the fire that offers the new law. A new spirit within. The apostles received the gospel of salvation. We too have been baptised and received the salvation of the Holy Spirit. We can do greater things in his name, we should open our hearts to the Holy Spirit. 

We are called to lead others to Christ. The Lord expects us to call others to him. We must remember our duty as Christians to spread the good news to all the inhabited nations. We must place our trust in him and he will purify and sanctify us to do this. 

Let’s recreate our commitment to do so through the fire and wind of the Holy Spirit.

Theme: Suffering For A Glorious Day  
By Fr Anthony Uche 
*Music: My God Accept My Heart This Day by Howard Helvey & My Hope Is Built by Norton Hall Band

Theme: Ushering Of The Advocate  
By Fr Anthony Uche 
*Music: Veni Creator Spiritus by Schola Gregoriana & Lord I Lift Your Name On High by Maranatha Praise Band

Reflection summarized By Paul Ford: Ushering of the Advocate - In a world of isolation and loneliness. Jesus told us that he would not leave us, empowering us to to do greater things and gives us hope in life of suffering. 

He is our comforter, counsellor and helper - he is our advocate. The life, power and fire of divine love will be infused through us. Even through we walk through the valley of death we are strengthened through the Holy Spirit. 

Beware of those Lions that seek to devour us, we need the teacher of truth through the Holy Spirit. Our commitment  to God is renewed through the development of our spirit in him. Open our ears, use our lips and hands to spread the news of a new life in the Spirit. 

May our Lord sanctify you today and infuse you with the power of the Holy Spirit. Let God reign in your life.

Theme: Living Stones Of the Living Rock  
By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: On Christ The Rock I Stand by Michael W. Smith

Theme: To Shepherd to Greener Pasture  
By Fr Anthony Uche 
*Music: Shepherd Me, O God by Marty Haugen

Theme: The Pathways  
By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: Soul of my Saviour by J. Kilbane - Logan Ti Ode by T. Alabi & TY Bello 

Theme: We Walk By Faith  
By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: Nearer My God To Thee by Sharon Singers

Theme: The Meaning of Easter  
By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: Easter Monday Introit by Gloriae Dei Cantores Schola

    Theme: He Enters To Save  
    By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: Hosanna Filio David

    Theme: Your Graves Are Opened,  Come Out!  
    By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: God of Mercy and Compassion by The Daughters of Mary & Nearer, My God to Thee by Sharon Singers

    Theme: Open My Eyes, Lord  
    By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: He Healed the Darkness of My Mind by David Haas & Christ, Be Our Light by Bernadette Farrell

    Theme: Christ, The Fountain of Living Water  
    By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: Let Your Living Water Flow ....Vinesong.  Alpha and Omega....Israel and New Breed

    Theme: Grace Gained Changes Your Reality  

    By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: Be Thou My Vision....Noel Richards.  Creat In Me...Acappella Company

    Theme: He ends that dessert entrapment 
    By Fr Anthony Uche *Music: Forty Days and Forty Nights....George Smyttan.  Guide Me Oh Thou Great Redeemer...Fron Choir



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