16th September 2018

"Who do you say I am?" (Mark 8: 29)

The question that Jesus addressed to His disciples more than 2000 years ago is very much a relevant question for us today. To this question Peter answered: "You are the Christ." Which was correct and true. For Jesus was the "Anointed One". "The Messiah." But even Peter did not know what his answer really meant. This is just how easy it could be for us today to know Jesus or claim to know Him without knowing what that knowledge demands of us. For Peter being "The Christ" meant being "The Liberator" of the Children of Israel from the bondage of the Romans; it meant to be King. But to Jesus,  being "The Messiah" implied suffering, rejection and death. Victory for Jesus was over the spiritual and not the political; it was victory over sin and death with the Rising on the Third Day. This was hard for Peter (and the others) to take. Many today would still prefer the Jesus of Peter to the Jesus, the Suffering Servant; Jesus, the Super Star to Jesus Who hung on the Cross; Jesus the Bread Provider to Jesus, The Bread of Life; Jesus The Miracle Worker to Jesus Who wept at the tomb of Lazarus. Who in deed, do you say Jesus is? Who is Jesus to you? May the Holy Spirit open the eyes of our minds to know the True Jesus and our hearts to love Him, Who died on the Cross for us.