Weekly Reflection


"They are no longer two, therefore, but one body. So then, what God has untied, man must not divide" (Mark 10: 8-9).

Marriage is a beautiful gift of God given to man freely for companionship, procreation and formation of mankind. Jesus is telling us here that God gave us this union and intended it to be unbroken, inseparable and indivisible. It is a precious gift to be kept in tact until "death do us part." But I can hear many say "BUT!" Yeah, that is true. Jesus says "I know the "BUT": I know what you are going through, I can feel your pains. I have seen you cry severally, I have witnessed the abuses. I know it all!" Jesus is also telling us to remember the good times we have had: our last lovely and fun-filled summer, the laughter, the celebrations and the lovely children who bring us so much joys and all the cherished moments we have shared together as a family. Jesus is telling us that marriage is a bed of roses full of beautiful flowers and pleasant scent of the roses. But not without the thorns that pierce and hurt. To have the flowers and the scents, we have to bear with the thorns. Marriage, like every vocation, is a journey - you never get to the destination unless you keep going. Endurance and perseverance are the key attitudes. Don't quit, but keep pushing. Every side of life has its own thorns.