Welcome to St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church, Carshalton Beeches

Christmas Octave Masses

Food Collection at St Margaret's for the Purley Food Hub.

We are starting a new food collection point at St Margaret's Church for you to put items in when attending Mass.  There will be a large labelled plastic box in which to place your items. This is in the first lobby as you enter or if you are just passing by when the church is open.  This will be taken to the collection point at Purley Food Hub at least once a week so please don't be put off by it appearing empty! 

What is needed? Cartons of Long Life Whole Milk • Jars of Peanut Butter • Tins of Plain Meat - Chicken, Ham, Corned Beef Christmas Biscuits • Tinned Peas and Tinned Carrots • Tinned Dessert Fruit • Packet Custard requiring only water • Tins of Dessert Rice Pudding • Small Packs/Boxes of Tea Bags Chocolate Treats for Children • Small Washing Up Liquid • Adult Toothbrushes

You can find out more at : https://www.purleyfoodhub.net/

Bank details  

Mass Times

For Victim Support (Safe Spaces) see:


Your Invitation to an Intercessory Prayer/Rosary Meeting

The meetings are every Thursday until 31/03/2021 from 20:00 to 20:40, using Zoom. Use this to join the meeting:

 [Zoom Meeting ID: 449 885 1455 Passcode: 4LKWUX]

Becoming a Catholic

  • Would you like to learn about becoming a Catholic?
  • Are you an adult who wants to make their 1st Communion or Confirmation?
  • Are you an adult who wants to join the Catholic Church?

Get in touch: Tel. 020 8647 7748 or email carshaltonbeeches@rcaos.org.uk


New Attendance Card required for entry to church

Our Archbishop has just instructed us to create an accurate record of those who attend Mass or any other service in the church from the 4th July. (This is in line with the ‘Test & Track’ initiative). Thus, you are required to complete attendance cards and bring these to church before attending Mass. Stewards will collect these cards from you before entry to the church. Your cooperation with the Stewards is necessary for our successful reopening. This is what the attendance card looks like:

Official Attendance card

Within the Documents (>Welcome) section there is a Template for Attendance document that you can print off and fill in. or fill in on your computer and print off. The stewards will make some provision for those without printing facilities.

Welcome Booklet

You can print out our welcome booklet here 

Our Church History

Carshalton Beeches Mass Centre was established by Father Frederick Rhead in 1934, and served from Holy Rosary, Sutton, where Father Rhead was Parish Priest. A temporary chapel with a corrugated roof was built at the same time and blessed by Bishop William Brown, then auxiliary bishop in Southwark. It remained “temporary” for forty seven years! You can read the full church history on our Church History page.