8th December 2019

 Weekly Reflection 

The Church's new liturgical year begins again with the Season of Advent. This advent is very special to us in England and Wales because the Bishops of our conference have graciously set aside this year as The Year of the Word with theme "The God Who Speaks." There is no time more auspicious to fall back on the Word of God than now as we begin our preparations to receive the Lord at Christmas, in hope of His Second Coming. The bishops are inviting us to go back to the foundation of our faith; to listen again more personally to what God has to say to us, especially in these challenging times; and so he able to respond to the needs of lives, families, communities and our world according to God's Will. It is an invitation of love to which we should respond generously in order to encounter the compassion of our Creator. It is a call to live the life of the Scriptures; and a mission to share the joys of the Word of God with others. This is a very authentic way to make the coming of Christ realistic.

So dear friends, let us pick up our Bibles one more time and make it our partner and friend. God still speaks and He surely will speak to us. I pray that we may be humble to open our hearts to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in the course of this Year of the Word.
Our catch expression shall be:
"Read it! Live it! Share it!!!"