9th June 2019

“Peace be with you. As the Father sent Me, so am I sending you … Receive the Holy Spirit” (John 20: 21, 22).

The Feast of Pentecost always offers the opportunity to reflect on our relationship with the Holy Spirit, the Church and with others. As a special gift from the Lord intended to “teach us all we need to know” and to “remind us all that our Lord has taught us”, we need to have a special relationship with the Holy Spirit if we are to walk in the way that is pleasing to God, knowing and doing His will in all things. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the apostles at Pentecost marked the inauguration of the Church profoundly revealing her “Four Marks” – One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. As the Body of Christ, the Church continues to nourish us, her members, with the Sacraments to keep alive the fruits of the Holy Spirit. As the Spirit of love and unity, the Holy Spirit inclines our hearts towards others, to love and share our uniqueness and gifts so that we can become whole through love.

On this day of Pentecost, we, the members of St. Margaret of Scotland Parish, Carshalton Beeches and our friends, celebrate in a very special way, our diversity. This is to remind ourselves that Christ came to die for us all; that He resurrected to win victory for each of us as we are; that He ascended to the Father to plead forgiveness for our personal sins; and that He sent the Holy Spirit to minister to us in our different nations, cultures, race and language in order to bring us together as members of His One Body, the Church. We celebrate this day to challenge ourselves to admire, love and respect our differences as a gift from God. We celebrate our International Day on this day of Pentecost to activate in our minds that we were intended to make each other whole and complete for no man is an island. Dear friends, let us always keep in our minds that we were uniquely created to be choristers with different parts blended by the love of the Holy Spirit into a universal choir continuously rendering unstoppable melodious harmonies to the glory of God. We were purposely created in different colours, languages, and races so that, like the beautiful colours of the rainbow, we could be woven into one sublime tapestry of divine mastery adorning the wall of the universe.

I love to thank all of you, beloved parishioners and friends, who supported our celebration by your prayers, contributions and especially for turning up with so much food and drinks. We all had more than enough. May the Holy Spirit fill our hearts with His love. Thank you. God bless you all.