Summary of "The Glory of the Word of God" by Paul Ford

Freedom from slavery to decadence requires willingness to examine, apply and obey the word of God daily. This will lead us to the Glory not yet revealed.

As children of God we believe that our world view is filtered through the word of God. Let us become examplars of Gods words. The word of God is as sweet as honey in the mouth, but leave a bitter feeling in the stomach. It offers the opportunity to live through its virtues.

The word of God prepares us for unobtainable glory. Lord Jesus our heavenly King, has taught us how to live righteously. It is difficult to be a bearer of Gods word, however if we do we shall surely see Gods work in the land of the living.

Let us remain focused on the glory, obtaining the final end , embracing on God himself and knowing we can do all things in God who strengthens us.